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James L. Nemastil is president of Nemastil Building Inspections, the 2nd oldest Home Inspection Company in northeast Ohio. He has been performing private Building inspections since 1981. He is a certified member of the American Society Of Home Inspectors, and a charter member of both the Ohio and Great Lakes Chapters of ASHI. (American Society of Home Inspectors). He is past president of Heights Housing Preservation and the Bell Neighborhood Association. He also Served as past treasurer of the Ohio Chapter of ASHI and secretary of the Great Lakes Chapter of ASHI.

James is liscensed by the State of Ohio to perform Lead Risk Assesments and Lead Dust Sampling, Radon testing and termite and wood destroying insect inspections.

Due to the ever rising expenditures for homes and the growing consumer awareness of wanting to know what one is buying, families are discovering the value and importance of a professional home inspection service. By having pertinent information on the condition of the house available to the buyer, the transfer of the property can then be done on a fair and equitable basis. Our highly trained professional inspectors are available to assist you in this important real estate investment.

James L. Nemastil, President
Nemastil Inc.

American Society of Home Inspectors